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Wholesale Banking vs. Retail Banking

Wholesale banking refers to dealing with large corporate customers often-multinational companies, governments, or government enterprises. On the other hand, retail banking refers to the mobilization of deposits mainly from individuals […]

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Behavioral Red Flags for Fraud

It is almost unthinkable to you that your trusted employee that too at higher level, and especially with your organization for longer time, steal your organization’s money. Occupational fraud and […]

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Outsourcing Decision in Banking

When considering outsourcing by a bank, a common question may arise as to which activities should be outsourced and which tasks should be performed in-house.  Badly-planned outsourcing could result in […]

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Expected Credit Loss: Basel III vs IFRS 9

Effective from 2018, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS – 9) requires banks to make impairment provisions for loans and advances based on expected loss model. Also, Basel guidelines requires banks […]

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Remittances: Jan 2021

Remittance by Nepalese migrant workers up to mid-Jan 2021 (Poush 2077) increased significantly compared to corresponding period of previous year. Remittance as a percentage of trade deficit increased significantly. This […]