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Economic Capital for Credit Risk

Background Credit is risk one of the most important risk faced by banks and financial institutions. Therefore, computation of economic capital for credit risk is important aspect of risk management. […]

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Background In any business, there is no point in originating transactions that involve a great amount of risk for a tiny return. This holds equally good for pricing loan products […]

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Wholesale Banking vs. Retail Banking

Wholesale banking refers to dealing with large corporate customers often-multinational companies, governments, or government enterprises. On the other hand, retail banking refers to the mobilization of deposits mainly from individuals […]

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Behavioral Red Flags for Fraud

It is almost unthinkable to you that your trusted employee that too at higher level, and especially with your organization for longer time, steal your organization’s money. Occupational fraud and […]

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Inflation: June 2021

Inflation (which is measured by changes in Consumer Price Index) of Nepal for the month Jesth 2078 (Mid-June 2021) increased significantly over previous month. Increase in monthly inflation is mainly […]