Remittance by Nepalese migrant workers up to mid-Feb 2021 (Magh 2077) increased significantly compared to corresponding period of previous year. Remittance as a percentage of trade deficit increased significantly. This is mainly due to twin effect of increased remittances and decreased imports.

Workers’ Remittances up to Feb 2021compared with trade deficit. Source: Nepal Rastra Bank
Workers’ Remittances up to Feb 2021 compared with trade deficit. Source: Nepal Rastra Bank

Acronym for Months used in Month – Axis of Graph

Months ShortMonths FullEquivalent English Month
SShrawanMid July to Mid August
BhBhadraMid Aug to Mid Sep
AsAshwinMid Sep to Mid October
KaKartikMid Oct to Mid November
MMangsirMid Nov to Mid December
PPoushMid Dec to Mid January
MMaghMid Jan to Mid February
FFalgunMid Feb to Mid March
CChaitraMid March to Mid April
BBaishakMid April to Mid May
JJesthaMid May to Mid June
AAshadhMid June to Mid July

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